4G63 DSM

Talon / Eclipse / Laser

This site is dedicated to the 4G63 powered DSM cars of the 90's

1G DSM at Willow Springs Raceway WSIR

DSM (Diamond Star Motors) was a joint venture between Mitsubishi Motors and Chrysler Corporation that produced the Eagle Talon, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Plymouth Laser (often referred to as T/E/L).

So what's the big deal about these automobiles? Well, the top of the line models came with all wheel drive and they're all powered by the mighty 4G63 turbocharged motor - in stock trim, the 1st generation cars produce 195 horsepower and the 2nd generation 210 horsepower. Which is umm, pretty weak actually by today's standards since EVOs, STIs, SRT-4s, and SR20DET powered 240s are a dime a dozen. But, with just a couple grand in modifications and proper tuning, you can easily and reliably bump output to the 300+ hp range. Drop in a bigger turbo along with the supporting mods (fuel pump, injectors, upgraded intercooler etc) and you can give just about any car you come across on the street or track a run for it's money.

Here you'll find modification walkthroughs (VFAQs), racing photos and video clips of my 1990 Talon Tsi AWD which I bought used in 93 and have been modding ever since.

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