All the info you need to do this is in your service manual. I just happened to have the digital camera around when I was doing this so I took some pics -- better pics than what they have in the manual ;)

It's recommended that you relieve the fuel pressure before working on fuel system components. I didn't do it this time because I was in the middle of doing my intercooler pipes and didn't want to try to get the car started. Turns out not that much more gas leaked out than when I relieved the fuel pressure the last time I changed the injectors, so maybe you don't really need to do it?? You didn't hear that from me though. ;)

Actually, the RC Engineering 550cc injectors I have on the car are perfectly sufficient for the 16G turbo but one day a buddy stopped by and gave me a such a good deal on a set of Denso 660s that I just couldn't resist. Yes, that's how I blow most my cash ... buying random shit I don't really need. Anyway, here's a pic of the new injectors:

If you're a heavy smoker like me, now is a good time to light one up because you aren't gonna be smoking for the next 30 minutes!

The first step is to remove the fuel rail:

Next install the new injectors on to the fuel rail. Remember to lube the O rings with a little bit of motor oil:

And with that you're all set to go! Installation is reverse of removal.