Cold air intake ... well, sometimes. It doesn't really work too well if you have the pop up mechanism closed (lights off) because the headlight blocks most of the incoming air (I just ditch the passenger side headlight + bracket for track days and put it back on when I'm done). Good thing is you don't have to worry about sucking water into the engine like if you had the filter relocated behind the fender. It does work pretty well with the lights on and pop up mechanism opened. The air filter used to be hot to the touch, now it's cold.

Very cheap and simple mod if you have a way to cut the plastic turn signal assembly. I used a Dremel to cut a hole on both sides, then used one of the sanding discs that came with the Dremel to grind the edges smooth. Only problem is, now that you've cut the hole, the turn signal bulb is exposed. I guess you can leave it that way, but I decided to block it off. I used a piece of card board to make a template of the hole, then cut a piece of clear plastic in that shape and glued it on with epoxy:

It's probably best to use acrylic, but by the time I got this far it was already late at night so I just used whatever clear plastic I had sitting around .... an audio cassette case :p. I've had this mod for more than 6 years now, so I guess it held up pretty well besides the epoxy yellowing out.

The vents on the light cover are mostly cosmetic. I saw them on Jack's (RRE Jack) old car and thought they looked pretty cool so I had to have them too :) Just remove the cover and bring it to a shop that can stamp metal. I had mine done for about $15 at:

(714) 379-6800

They stamped and primed the cover, and I painted it with spray paint. This was when the car was still black though. The paint didn't come out all that bad (check out the old pics in the gallery), but if you want a nice professional looking cover, I'd recommend letting a body shop paint it for you.