This is part 1 of a 3 part series on installing a PTE in my 1G DSM. Not much going on here, just making sure all the tools and parts needed are available and prepped because it sucks ass to discover you're missing a bolt or hose half way through ...

Pic of the PTE and most of the other stuff (oil feed line, gaskets, bolts, washers, hose clamps etc) needed for the installation:

Only thing missing is the hose for the oil return line. I picked up all the stuff from RRE but they were out of hoses at the time. I was able to find a high temp hose for oil at Mesa Hose in Costa Mesa. Here's their contact info if anyone needs it:


What I did was cut the original oil return line with a dremel, then slide the high temp hose over it:

Of course, you'll want to secure it with some hose clamps once everything's on the car. I already had an external wastegate so I ordered mine w/o the internal gate and saved about $100 :) I brought the housing to a muffler shop and had it welded closed for $20: