Speed Bleeder

Not exactly a mod, but highy recommended if you want to save time bleeding your brakes. Speed bleeders have a built in check valve that lets you do one man brake bleeding without worrying about sucking air or old fluid back in to the caliper in between pumps. The dual piston calipers use 7x1.0, and 1G rears use 10x1.0. I'm pretty sure the 1G single piston fronts also use 10x1.0 (I replaced a clogged rear valve with the valve off a single piston caliper before and it worked fine, so I guess they're the same). No idea what size 2Gs use. Mach V has kits for DSMs .... you can get 1G, 2G, or combo for cars with 2 piston brake caliper conversions. Amazon also has them for sale but you'll need to figure out the correct part number yourself.