This is a visual (picture) version of RRE's epoxy IC pipe beading method (scroll to the bottom of the page), using JB weld instead of epoxy (same shit I think).

Before you begin, it should be noted that there's horror stories about how you can blow the beads off and suck them into your engine if you bead your IC pipes this way, so do this at your own risk. I don't think you'll have any problems if you prep the pipes with sand paper and use good hose clamps to clamp the hoses down real tight. With that said, here's how I did it with JB weld.

Here's a pic of the raw, unprepped intercooler pipe that's all rusty and whatnot:

First thing you want to do is sand the rust and other crap off the pipe then wipe it clean with alcohol or acetone or whatever chemicals you happen to have sitting around:

Use masking tape to mask off the pipe leaving a small section exposed:

Slap on some JB Weld (btw, yes, I'm azn which is why I use chopsticks for everything):

Wait for it to dry a bit so it doesn't run, then pull off the tape and you have a nice bead:

Wait for the JB Weld to dry completely, then prime and paint and you're all done (yeah yeah, it's a different pipe. They do this on those cooking shows on TV too so sue me):