The service manual has all the info you need to do this, but here's a few things to keep in mind when you do it:

  • Don't try doing it in the dark. I picked up a new pump from RRE and couldn't wait till the next day to do it. It was around 11:30 pm when I started and I couldn't see crap so I came up with the bright idea to take the old pump and bracket into my apartment and install the new pump on to the bracket there. Ended up spilling gasoline all over the carpet -_-
  • I'd also recommend getting some vise-grips before you start because the nut on the fuel line and screws on the bracket are ridiculously tight. I couldn't get the screws off the bracket with a screw driver so I ended up breaking them off with the vise-grips.
  • And obviously, you definitely do not want to smoke when you do this. That goes for all your stupid buddies that gather around to watch you work on your car as well. Because, when you remove the fuel pump, what you have left is a totally exposed gas tank in the trunk of your car seeping out flammable fumes ... so tell them to GTFO ;)