Engine / Power

Suspension / Brakes / Handling

Gauges / Electronics / Datalogging


  • Lightly stripped interior (removed rear seats, belt motors/rail etc)
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Sparco Sprint seats
  • Sparco 4 pt. harness
  • Autopower 4 pt. "race" roll bar
  • IO Port roll bar camera mount
  • Removed Air Con

Old Stuff

(parts no longer on the car ... some are for sale)

  • Profec-A (PDF installation manual)
  • TD05-16G turbo (using it as a doorstop for now ... )
  • HKS Powerflow (sold)
  • HKS Sequential BOV (old plastic type)
  • HKS Super Sequential BOV (yes, I tried both ... DSMs hate venting to atm)
  • Hacked 1G MAS (trashed when I cut the connector off for use on the 2G MAS)
  • 2.5" exhaust, down pipe (left it at the muffler shop)
  • Hollow cat (on my brother's car)
  • KYB AGX shocks (all 4 are yours for $100)
  • H&R springs (sagging, you can have em for $50)
  • 550cc RC injectors (sold)
  • 150 lph fuel pump (yours for $50)