This is a cheap and simple mod that'll increase the efficiency of your intercooler by converting your windshield washer into an IC water spray. Note that once this mod is performed, you won't be able to use your windshield washer anymore and depending on how you set it up, you might not be able to use your wipers either (read on for details). I got the nozzles and other hardware from Home Depot:

I decided to use the stock windshield washer reservoir instead of trying to install an aftermarket pump and reservoir since I never use it to clean the windshield anyway. Simply unplug the hose that goes from the reservoir and re-route it so it goes to the intercooler:

The problem with using the wiper washer reservoir is the wipers are turned on when you activate the pump by pulling the wiper switch. I haven't been able to figure out how to splice into the pump's wiring and activate it with a separate switch, so for now I just unplugged the wiper motor. It doesn't rain a whole lot here in CA and this car isn't daily driven anymore so I'll just plug it back in if I ever need to drive it in the rain. Idealy I'd like to have some way to activate the pump and still be able to use my wipers, but I guess a good compromise would be to splice a cockpit mounted switch into the wiper motor wiring so I can toggle between using the wipers and IC spray. Besides, it's not like you're going to be spraying your IC when it's raining anyway.

Anyway, on to the installation of the nozzles. Pretty straight forward, just screw them in to the little plastic pipes (you can get everything from Home Depot) to make a "rail" for the nozzles:

I bought the little plastic pipes, but I'm pretty sure you can get away with simply using vacuum hose. 5/32" seems to be the closest size I could find at the local auto parts store.

Here's a pic of the rail connected to the hose from the washer reservoir:

Next thing to do is to fasten the rail so that the nozzles are pointed at the IC. I used zip ties to tie the rail down to the metal piece behind the lip. Be sure to angle it a bit so the nozzles spray at the intercooler:

All done! Take it out for a test drive and give the intercooler a spray of water. Park the car and check it out to make sure the intercooler is wet so you know the nozzles are aimed correctly. Park the car for about an hour and eh .... you'll come back to find a puddle of water under the rail and an empty washer reservoir.

Turns out the washer reservoir doesn't have a check valve to prevent all the water from dripping out. It didn't need one when it was used to clean the windshield since the nozzles for the windshield are positioned high enough above the reservoir. Now that you have the nozzles for the IC spray lower than the reservoir, all the water will drain out. The solution is to either get nozzles with built in check valves or to buy an inline check valve and splice it into the hose that goes from the reservoir to the rail. I chose to use an inline check valve since I'm too lazy to take the rail off and re-install everything. I got mine from Click here to go directly to the check valve page. I installed it by pulling out the clips at each end and just shoved a 5/32" vacuum hose into it.